Roof Replacement Vancouver, WA

Is Your Home Due for a Roof Replacement?

Roof Replacement Vancouver WAWhen your roof springs a leak or has other damaged materials, you need to make a decision—have a roofing contractor repair the damage or replace the roof entirely. The latter is often the more cost-effective way to go. You avoid seams between old and new materials, which are never as well-sealed as a new roof, and you avoid the visible mismatch of roofing materials. When you need a roof replacement in Vancouver WA, Dr Roof Inc offers a lifetime warranty on labor and parts! 

Why get a roof replacement over a roof repair?

  • Saves Money Over Time – If you only need to replace a cracked or missing shingle that has happened recently and does not amount to deeper damage, a roof repair is the better bet. However, a roof replacement is best for larger and/or deeper damage. A roof replacement costs less per square footage. Having to patch multiple repairs over the years adds up, eventually it will surpass what you would have spent on a new roof. A roof replacement is an excellent choice for your next home improvement.
  • Stronger, Longer-Lasting – Having new and older materials mixed throughout your roof due to multiple roof repairs is a problem. You will not have one solid, seamless roof. Rather, you will have materials of differing ages, some of which will need repairs in the next few years. Your roof will not be under one warranty. If your roof’s warranty is close to the end or has already expired, it is best to start fresh. We offer a lifetime warranty on most roof replacements. That way you get one strong roof that will last, without having to deal with patching repairs for many, many years to come.
  • Better Value – New roofing will not appear the same as the older ones. Even if we are able to source a match to your existing roof tiles or other top layer, the aging of the older materials will make it look uneven from the new. That is generally an obvious giveaway when it comes to prospective buyers. It is also less than aesthetically pleasing. A new roof with a life-long warranty increases the value of your home or business.

Roof Replacement in Vancouver, WA: Your Next Home Improvement

Roof Replacement Vancouver WashingtonWe have brought quality roofing solutions to Vancouver, WA and many areas of Washington and Oregon since 1998. Our friendly and knowledgeable contractors take the time to complete a thorough inspection of your roof before doing any work. We offer you a written report of what we find and discuss the options with you. All our estimates are upfront and transparent. There are no hidden fees and never any pressure when you deal with us.

We have financing options to help your customers get the roof replacement they need, when then need it. We also handle roof replacements in Vancouver, WA for both residential and commercial roofs. No matter the type of roofing you have or the size of the project, we deliver quality craftsmanship that goes well beyond the minimum requirements.

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