Roofing Vancouver WA

Roofing Vancouver WA

Professional, Full-Service Roofing for Homes, Large Complexes, and Facilities

Your roof is built to withstand decades of temperature fluctuations, wind, rain, snow, hail, and falling debris. But, despite every effort to clean it every summer, maintain the gutters, and check the attic for leaks, roofs need to be replaced every twenty years or so.

And though some Vancouver residents let their roofs age much longer, patching damaged areas, placing buckets under leaks, and finding short-term solutions to a variety of issues, we’ve seen how this can lead to bigger expenses later on.

At Dr. Roof, we don’t just repair and replace roofs and walk away. We care about keeping homeowners safe and adequately insulated from the outdoors. It’s our mission to not only do business with property owners but to offer a partnership for ongoing home improvement. 

With twenty years of experience in projects all around the Pacific Northwest, it’s no wonder our roofing contractor service is one of the area’s top choices for:

  • New Installations
  • Tear-offs and Re-roofing
  • Roof Repair
  • Inspections
  • General Contracting Services

Why the Cheapest Roofer Isn’t the Best Roofer

We want to make sure that when you call us, we ask the right questions to ensure that we’re the right roofer for you. We’re happy to boast about our expertise, but we also realize that timeline and budget expectations sometimes don’t match up.

There are roofers who will offer the cheapest bid, and though the price point is initially appealing, cheapest usually indicates low-quality. And this applies to service, materials, construction methods, as well as the final product.

So, though you’re saving money up front, you may end up with roofers who disrespect your property, fail to follow-up on critical issues, and potentially even charge hidden fees.

Vancouver WA Roofers

A Vancouver Roofing Service with Integrity

When Dr. Roof enters into a contract with a home or business owner, we take every measure to catch setbacks before they happen. By working as a professional, collaborative team, we minimize delays and eliminate miscommunications.

And that means you stay updated on daily progress, changes, scheduling, and completion date. We don’t make decisions without your input because we keep our overall goal in mind, to consistently provide stellar service, even during the most complex projects.

  • Because we build roofs in an area with increasingly unpredictable weather patterns, our skills are versatile. Our roofers include professionals who have backgrounds in a variety of construction trades. We bring only the best to Vancouver roofs.
  • There’s a fine line between crafting a structurally sound roof and crafting an affordable roof. We balance both so our customers get quality without draining their bank account. We don’t push frivolous add-ons or sell products you don’t need. Talk to us about the condition of your roof. We work with you to find the best solutions that meet your goals and your budget.
  • Sometimes, for homeowners, roof work can’t wait for the end-of-the-year bonus check or a significant increase in income. Over the years, our business has seen a lot of success. And we have our customers to thank for that. We express our gratitude by providing a variety of payment options. We offer 100% financing (OAC) and accept most major credit cards for added convenience. And we never require a large down payment.

For the best in materials, service, construction methods, and a high-quality final product call Dr. Roof. We look forward to keeping your home safe and sound.