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Getting honest, straightforward information from a knowledgeable roofing contractor is at the heart of every roof repair Portland.

Dr. Roof Inc has the most experienced individuals who will thoroughly inspect your roof and inform you about its current condition. We will go over the options of what type of repair is possible as well as make our suggestions.

Ultimately, the decision will be up to you and you will never get pressure from us—only sound advice.

Roof damage can quickly amount to much more. If you have been informed that you have damage to your roof, even if it is something as simple as a cracked or missing tile or shingle, it is important to address it quickly.

The last thing you want is to find out you need a repair because you can see water pouring in and destroying other building materials, furniture, flooring, and more. Damaged roofing materials should be replaced as quickly as possible to avoid much more costly destruction down the road.

We offer you an upfront, comprehensive estimate on your roofing services so you can make an informed decision. We offer portland roofing repair services for both residential and commercial roofing.

Pitched and Flat Repair

Dr. Roof offers both flat roof repair and pitched roof repair in Portland, OR. There are generally two types of repair options to decide between. If the problem is deeper than replacing a tile or removing mold, then the possibilities include replacement or a roof repair. A roof replacement has the benefit of giving you a whole new roof. All the new materials will be under the same warranty and can be insured the same. Re-roofing comes with a longer warranty.

A patch, or spot-repair, is the other option. In this type of repair the damaged materials are scraped and replace in only the area where the damage has set in. This has the benefit of being less costly than a full replacement.

Residential Roof Repair Portland ORIn both of these cases, our roofing contractors will explain the depth of the damage and be able to make suggestions on the benefits of different types of possible repairs for your roof. We never throw shop-talk at you but will take the time to describe the situation so you are able to feel confident in the decision you make.

All our craftsmanship and materials come with a guarantee. We work with the highest-quality materials by the best manufacturers. We also go above and beyond the minimum requirements to meet roofing codes. We believe in creating roofs that are built to weather high winds, wet rainy seasons, and intense UV rays.

We offer financing options so you can get the service you need, now. Don’t wait for the damage to move inside your home or business.

Contact us today for all your needs.

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