Roofing Portland

Roofing PortlandConsidering Getting Help with Roofing in Portland?

  • We can repair even the worst roof problems
  • Our roofers work on shingles, metal, ceramic, and more
  • Roof inspections that check for rain and wind vulnerabilities
  • Unbeatable warranties and financing options with payment plans
  • Outstanding roofing experts that have the knowledge for the job.

For many people, their roof is out of sight and out of mind—until they have water dripping inside their home or office. Your roofing suddenly matters when there is a problem. Whether you have gotten to that unfortunate point yet or not, Dr Roof Inc offers quality services for all types of roofing in Portland.

How can I keep my roof in good condition?

Regular inspection, maintenance, and cleaning are the best ways to avoid the need for roof repair. If you keep roofing materials in good condition, you will stave off the expense of things like water damage and mold removal inside your home. Whether you are getting an annual inspection or already know you need repairs, we deliver honest, straightforward service and estimates. With experience going back to 1998, we have earned our reputation as a trusted name by delivering quality roofing and excellent customer care. Talk to us about your needs; we have financing available so you can get the repair or replacement you need, when you need it.

What Portland roofing services do you offer?

As roofing specialists, our team is equipped to handle any issue or need that you have with your roof. Some of the roofing services we commonly do include:

Roofing Portland OR

Be careful of DIY roof repairs! Getting on your roof can be dangerous without proper equipment and training, especially during the rainy season. Let the trained professionals at Dr Roof shoulder that risk instead.

We’re Amongst the Most Trusted Roofers in Portland

People in Portland know we offer quality roofing materials installed by hand-picked, skilled roofers. Our commitment to excellent service includes up-front pricing, open communication, and always keeping you in the driver seat when it comes to decisions about your roofing. With us, you get open communication and a detailed analysis of our findings after an initial inspection. We offer suggestions and help you come to the best decision for your home or business without any pressure.

We stay within your roofing budget

Our experienced roofers understand each budget is different and we are happy to answer your questions and make the best suggestion for what works best for you. That may mean investing in re-roofing now, or doing a repair and planning to reinstall a new roof down the road. We talk to you about the options so you can make an informed choice.

Our roof repairs are made to last

Our team works with the latest roofing technology and materials to ensure you get the highest quality available. We look for the best warranties on the top products to offer you roofing that lasts. Many of our services come with lifetime warranties on labor and materials! Much of it is guaranteed for winds up to 130mph. We not only meet building and roofing standards; we go well beyond them. Your roof is an investment, and it should be made to protect your home or business for many years to come!

Choose us for Roofing in Portland

For an honest roofing inspection and quality roof repairs or installations, at a great price, call or contact us today!