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Residential Roof Inspection Vancouver WA

Residential roofing inspection services by a licensed roofing contractor should be an annual part of your home’s maintenance. While it is easy to overlook or put off any trouble with your roof, doing so could result in a costly repair that reaches much further than the roof alone. Water damage can be devastating to a building.

You could have structural damage inside and out, as well as ruined furniture, business materials, and just about anything else inside the home or business. Dr. Roof Inc has been a trusted name in roof inspection Vancouver, WA relies on. We have delivered comprehensive roof inspections for nearly two decades.

Getting an annual roof inspection not only secures your home from unexpected roof repairs that have gotten worse over time, but it also helps with your insurance.

If you have major damage to your roof due to a storm or other insured disaster, you may be denied coverage by your insurance company if the roof is old and has no documentation of the condition before the event. Insurance companies are covering less and less roofing costs for homes over 15 years old.

Having an annual inspection verifies the current condition of your roof, making it easier for you to get help from your insurance in the event of catastrophic damage to your roof.

When is the best time to get a roof inspection?

While some specific events, like a particularity harsh storm, may increase the need for a roof inspection, any time is really the right answer. Below is a list of events which make it important to check for roof damage:

  • Hail
  • Heavy, pounding rains
  • Strong winds
  • Branches, limbs, or other debris hitting the roof
  • Mold or mildew accumulation
  • It has been over a year since the last roof inspection
  • Intense heat
  • Freezing weather conditions

The Roof Inspection Vancouver, WA Trusts

Our roofing professionals are experienced and dedicated. They do a thorough inspection that catches any damage in the making. We aim to help you stay proactive with your room maintenance, so you don’t wind up with a large, unexpected repair.

After our inspection, we offer a written report on what we find. We take the time to explain any problem areas as well as our suggestions for repairs. We answer all your questions and will never pressure you.

Here are the major items included in a roof inspection:

  • Inspection of eves
  • Chimney surfaces, both interior and exterior
  • Fasteners, support materials, and roof braces
  • The condition of plywood sheathing on wood roofsRoof Inspection Services Vancouver Washington
  • Symptoms of blistering caused by trapped water vapor 
  • Spaces or open gaps surrounding flashing, indicating a problem with membrane adhesion to metal flashing
  • Splitting, loose, cracked, or missing surface materials, like tiles and shingles
  • Faulty or loose flashing
  • Loose fasteners 
  • Surface decline or brittleness
  • Sings of settling in the building that may affect the roof
  • Signs of chimney deterioration
  • Problem spots in the gutters that cause problems in roofing and building structures
  • Signs of water inside the building, particularly in the attic

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