Roof Inspection Portland, OR

Is it time for a roof inspection?

Roof Inspection Portland

The roof is often out of sight and out of mind—until there is a problem! If you wait until there is a problem you may be looking at costly repairs not only to your roof, but also to drywall, flooring, furniture, business documents, and anything else in the way of dripping water.

At Dr. Roof Inc, our roofing contractors don’t want to see things get to that point. We recommend getting the trusted roof inspection Portland relies on.

When should I get my roof inspected?

Most roofing companies and contractors recommend at least an annual inspection. With an annual inspection, we can catch small areas of damage or weakness to roofing material before they become costly damage during our rood consulting services. Things like missing or cracked shingles can be found and replaced before the damage gets through to deeper roofing materials. While a yearly inspection is recommended, some events could increase the frequency of inspections, such as:

  • Hail
  • Hard and heavy rains
  • Wind storms
  • Branches or limbs falling on the roof
  • Mold or mildew buildup
  • Harsh, intense heat
  • Cold and freezing weather conditions

Our hand-selected roofing professionals have the experience and know-how to do a comprehensive roof inspection. We are dedicated to a thorough, detailed inspection that goes over every aspect of your roof, in order to catch even the smallest area of concern. We offer a written report of what we find on your residential or commercial roof and offer suggestions for repairs if there are any to be made. We will never pressure you or make suggestions for erroneous repairs. Everything we do is straightforward and can be verified by other reputable roofing professionals.

Here is what some of our roof inspection includes:

  • Eves
  • Chimney surface, interior, and exterior
  • Signs of blistering that may be due to trapped water vapor
  • Fasteners, roof braces, and support materials
  • The condition of plywood sheathing for wood roofs
  • Signs of chimney deterioration
  • Splitting, loose, cracked, or missing surface materials

  • Deteriorating or loose flashing
  • Loose fasteners 
  • Surface deterioration or brittleness
  • Signs that the settling of the building has compromised the roof
  • Spacing or open gaps surrounding flashing
  • Signs of water inside the building, especially in the attic

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We offer financing on all our work

Want an inspection or other service but don’t want the upfront cost?  With financing options on all our jobs, we work with you to help you avoid more expensive damage by staying proactive and current with your roof maintenance. So whether you need repairs, re-roofing, give us a call or contact us today!