Re-roof Vancouver WA

Time for a Re-roof?

re-roofing services vancouver wa
Re-roofing is often a better option than patching leaks as they pop up. Our roofing contractors know that owners actually spend less per square foot with a re-roof than a repair and you can often reduce home insurance premiums with a new roof that comes with long warranties. Call Dr. Roof Inc to ask about the benefits of re-roofing services in Vancouver, WA and breathe a sigh of relief with the peace of mind that comes from a sound roof.

Getting an annual roof inspection is the best way to stay on top of the condition of your roof. Our roofing contractors expertly inspect every aspect of your roof, looking for signs of weakened areas or leaks-in-the-making. We offer a comprehensive, detailed report of your roof and explain our findings to you. Our goal is to provide you with information on the state of your roof as well as suggestions on the best repairs or re-roofing if you need it. We will never pressure you or suggest more services than you need.

We provide honest, upfront estimates and always put you in the driver seat.

Some of the benefits of a re-roof in Vancouver, WA include:

  • Improve your insulation
  • Save on insurance with a re-roof
  • Lifetime warranties
  • Transferable warranty
  • Increase the look and value of your home
  • Roofing materials are all the same age
  • Get peace of mind that your home is protected
  • Leak prevention
  • Install newer, improved roof technology
  • Remove damaged roofing that may have gone undetected

Your Affordable Quality Re-roof in Vancouver WA

Re Roof Vancouver WAOur re-roofing has a lifetime warranty available so you can count on a reliable roof for decades to come. We stand out from other roofing companies by always providing more than just the basics. Our roofs are guaranteed to stand up to high winds, heat, UV-rays, rain, and freezing temperatures. We go beyond simply meeting the minimum standards.

Each re-roof starts with a thorough stripping of materials. We start fresh by treating the foundation of your roof and weather-proofing each well-sealed layer as we go. Our hand-selected contractors are detailed-oriented, ensuring your re-roof is protected and ready to last.

We use the most up-to-date roofing and siding materials and technology and we stay current on new products as they come available. Our team delivers the very best, but we don’t think it should cost you more.

Talk to us about financing options. A re-roof is too important to put off when you need immediate leak protection. We offer financing so you can get the roof you need when you need it.

See what people are saying about us

I am so thrilled with my beautiful new roof from Dr. Roof in Hazel Dell/Vancouver!  It looks fantastic!  What an outstanding crew.  I had the nicest team of 5 guys at my house for 5 days.  Not only were they incredibly hard working in our typical northwest spring weather (warm and sunny to pouring down rain), but they left my yard, driveway, deck, and balcony cleaner than it was when they first got here!  I so appreciate the way they all took pride in a job well done right to the end.  I am happy that I went with an organization right here in our local community instead of a company out of Portland.  They use top-notch products manufactured locally offering the best warranty out there.  And they warranty labor, as well.  I highly recommend working with Dr. Roof and employing people right here on our side of the river. Thank you Jeremy, Michael, Vince, Jeff, and Daryl.  You guys are awesome!!” – Yelp review by Linda C in Vancouver, WA.