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A roof estimate needs to follow a comprehensive inspection. It should include a detailed analysis of the findings and should be honest and straightforward about the costs and options. Dr Roof Inc offers all of that without any pressure. Your roof estimate in Portland will be detailed and our roofing contractor is happy to go over the information with you. We make suggestions for repair or re-roofing, depending on the circumstances, and we will take the time to explain the difference and offer an estimate for each.

As a locally-owned business, we pride ourselves on superior service and customer care. We have financing options available so you can get the necessary roof work you need when you need it. We also go above the minimum requirements for roof work, delivering a superior roof that comes with one of the best warranties around. Those are a few of the reasons we are a trusted source for roofing in Portland and the surrounding areas.

Our no-pressure roof estimate will be based on delivering quality roofing materials by skilled craftsman. We never low-ball our estimates just to undercut the competition. We use trusted, high-quality products that are made to last, so you can count on our services. We offer the most affordable services possible while still maintaining our high standard of quality.

Get a Reliable Roof Estimate in Portland

Roof Estimate Portland OROur roof estimate will start with a thorough inspection. We may look at the attic area to see if any water, mold, or other signs of damage have come through. We check out the state of your gutters, the fastenings around a chimney, the flashing, and any missing or damaged materials such as shingles or tiles.

Once we have a complete picture of the state of a roof, we offer a written roof estimate. Roof estimates will vary depending on several factors, such as the type of roof, the pitch, size, and its accessibility. Asphalt shingles, the most popular type of roof, will be less expensive to repair or replace than, say, slate tiles.

There will also be a difference in cost between a single repair and a roof replacement. The replacement is often the better option, because it delivers a full roof of a consistent age in materials. This is beneficial when insuring your home and roof and it also increases its value. Re-roofing comes with the longest warranty and delivers the most protection for your home or business. We will offer a roof estimate that includes all options so you can make the best decision for your home and budget.

We offer roof estimates in Portland for the following:

Portland has been relying on us for complete, honest roof estimates since 1988. We work hard to deliver the best quality to uphold our reputation as a trusted name.

Contact us today for a roof estimate in Portland and see the difference our customer care can make.