Window Replacement Vancouver WA

Could you use home window replacement?

Window Replacement Vancouver WA

Windows aren’t something that many people think about as a way to save money. But along with appliances, over the years windows have become more energy efficient as well. New windows are also more durable and easier to maintain. And of course, they look great too!

If it’s been awhile since you’ve had your windows inspected and you seem to be paying more for heating and cooling than you should, then consider window replacement in Vancouver WA by Dr Roof Inc. Our roofing contractors know windows, too. And we help make your home more secure and keep the hot and cold air where it belongs.

What are some common problems with windows?

If you are unsure of whether or not you need new windows in your home or office, the answer truly lies within. Check for the following issues that are signs that your windows are nearing the end of their usable lifetime:

  • Are your windows difficult to open or close? If so, the window mechanisms may be in bad shape due to age and years of usage. When this happens, the air inside your home is able to flow back and forth to the outside, making it hard to regulate the temperature inside.
  • Is the paint on the frame chipped or are there water stains near the window? When you notice these problems, it is typically an indicator that the frame is weak and is allowing outside elements to get inside.
  • Do you feel a change in temperature when you are close to a closed window? If so, you are losing a lot of money in utility bills trying to heat up or cool down a home whose air is rushing right out that window.
  • Are your windows permanently fogged? This means that the seals between the panes of glass have been broken which means the window is not insulated. This is costing you more on energy bills and, of course, unsightly windows.

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, chances are you should invest in new windows soon. By visiting us, you will see the many choices we have for your windows. We have a large selection of quality brand names.

What makes us the best replacement window company?

We’ll buy back your old windows (up to $50.00/per window when you replace all your windows)
We include warranties on every job we do, from decking, to commercial roofs, to window replacement.
We give you plenty of choices and have multiple window manufacturers you can choose from.
We’re a licensed general contractor and have completed the Installation Masters Training and Certification Program.
We have several financing options available and have referral programs that pay cash!

Quality matters!

Don’t settle for cheap, low-quality windows. We install your new windows to last, so only use the best window manufacturers for our window replacement services including MilgardPellaAndersen, and Cascade!

Window Replacement Vancouver Washington

We’re local and experienced

With nearly 20 years of experience putting in new windows, siding, roofs, and more, our knowledgeable team of professionals know how to handle any general contracting needs you have. Our local Vancouver office is dedicated to helping residents of the ‘Couve deal with the constant rains and winds without having to worry about moisture getting into their home by keeping their home tightly secured.

So if you’re looking for new windows or need help anywhere else on your house, give us a call or contact us today!