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Window Replacement Portland

So much of your heating and cooling costs can literally go out the window when your home or office has outdated and ill-fitted windows. Faulty seals, broken locks, and warped frames all allow air to leak into, and out of, your home. With it goes your climate control, causing your heating and cooling systems to work even harder—and at a greater expense. At Dr Roof Inc our window replacement in Portland alleviates these issues.

Our roofing contractors know windows, too. And we know how to diagnose the problem and install beautiful windows that are tightly sealed and highly efficient. Our selection of the top brand names gives our customers options to find the perfect custom window design. With long warranties and guaranteed satisfaction, we pride ourselves on excellent service.

Warning signs that you needy our windows replaced:

There are some definitive ways to know when you need a window replacement. If you notice any of the following, call us to get a free quote on a residential or commercial window replacement in Portland.

  • Difficulty closing and opening a window – This generally means the frame is bent out of shape and/or the mechanism in the window is not working properly. In this case, outside air can pass into the home or office and vice versa.
  • Peeling paint or water stains – When you see, this it means moisture is passing through a broken seal in the window and allowing water to get in and cause damage.
  • Feels warmer or cooler near the window – If you notice the temperature around the window is more like the outside temperature than the one inside (i.e. it feels warmer near the windows while air conditioning is running or cooler by the windows when your heat is on), then your windows are allowing outside air in.
  • Foggy windows – Condensation is due to a broken seal, allowing moisture to collect between the panes of glass. This most often happens in double-pane windows. The purpose of double-pane windows is to better insulate your home. However, if the seal is broken that insulation is no longer effective.

Why choose Dr Roof for Window Replacement in Portland?

Window Replacement Portland OR

We understand that there are options when it comes to finding the right company for install new windows. Here is just some of what makes us stand out from the rest:

  • We pay you for your old windows. You can get up to $50 per window with a complete window replacement in Portland.
  • We use top brand name windows and materials with the longest warranties.
  • Our labor is handled by seasoned, experienced window installers who are polite, on time, and careful in their work.
  • A large window selection to choose from.
  • Cash back on referral programs.
  • Strong customer rating from years of delivering excellent service.
  • We are certified to handle lead.
  • All window installers have completed Installation Master’s Window Installer Program.
  • Possible financing options available.

Recommended Manufacturers

Check out some of our manufacturers’ websites for more information regarding their products:

Revitalize the look of your home with decorative windows that are also efficient! Call us today for a free estimate on your window replacement in Portland.