Is it Time for a Roof Replacement?

Don’t Postpone Roof Replacement

Roofing replacement services Vancouver WA

Homeowners notoriously postpone big projects until problems like leaks and storm damage occur. And though every roof reaches a point when replacement is more effective than trying to keep up with mounting cosmetic or structural issues, it’s best to replace your roof before it starts to cause problems for other areas of the house.

If your roof is old or has visible damage or debris accumulation, it may be time to talk to a roofing contractor in Vancouver, Washington for roof replacement services.

How Old is the Roof?

The longevity of your roof depends on the materials used in its original construction, the amount of maintenance it has received over the years, and the type of weathering or stress the roof has been exposed to. In the Northwest, our rooftops last longer because they’re not pummeled by extreme heat or cold, but extended periods of rain and hail can do just as much damage. Either way, after fifteen to twenty years, a total replacement becomes more practical than repeated repairs.

Does it Have Visible Damage?

A visual inspection by a professional can also provide clues that your old roof is approaching the end of its life. You may want to consider a replacement if you notice the following signs of damage or improper installation:

  • Missing shingles –. Severe winds and storms may be responsible, but in the absence of extreme weather, it is more likely that the shingles were installed incorrectly.
  • Curling shingles –. Curling may occur due to issues with your roof’s ventilation, or they may arise from improper installation.
  • Pitted shingles –. Pitting occurs when the granules fall off, exposing the asphalt underneath. Shingles in this condition always need to be replaced.

If these problems only occur in a few areas, replacing the individual shingles for the specific type of roof may be more economical. If these issues are apparent on a wide scale, however, total roof replacement may be the better option.

Prime Time for Replacement in Vancouver

It’s advisable to start speaking with a local roofing contractor in Summer or Fall. Early Fall weather allows roofers to work longer hours and complete the job sooner, and Fall work still leaves time for the roof to seal against moisture. Summer is also a great time for roof replacement, however, it’s best to plan ahead because this is a busy season for roofers.

If your roof is due for replacement, don’t risk waiting until spring. You may end up having a tense winter, wondering when that tiny leak will develop into a huge disaster. If you have doubts about the condition of your roof, don’t ignore them. Make sure to protect your investment by calling a licensed roofing contractor as soon as possible.