Roof Replacement Long Beach WA

Roof Replacement: One of the Most Valuable Investments for Your Home or Business

Roof Replacement Long Beach
A roof replacement may not be the most exciting aspect of home construction, but it’s a crucial component to your home’s health. Sometimes insurance companies will decline to cover a roof if it was built before a certain year. A roof replacement allows your home to start fresh with a full new roof you can count on for years to come. Dr. Roof’s professional roofing replacement service offers a lifetime warranty on labor and parts for your commercial and residential roof replacement in Long Beach. We at Dr. Roof care about our customers and the roof over their heads, that’s why we partner with the best roofing hardware manufacturers to bring our customers the highest possible quality for their roof replacement.



What are the benefits of a roof replacement over a roof repair?

  • Saves Money – While an individual roof repair may cost less at the moment than a full roof replacement, in time it will generally cost more. Roof repairs are not often done and then forgotten. Older roofs will need more repairs in the years to come. Getting patches of roof repairs year after year can easily wind up costing more than a roof replacement would have. Repairs cost more per square foot, so, overall, the replacement is the better deal.
  • Fresh Warranty – A roof replacement offers you a whole new roof. All the materials will be the same age, so they can be insured as a new roof. With repairs, you have new materials being fastened to old ones; the seal between these can never be as seamless as with a new roof.
  • Increased Value – Whether you plan to sell your home or just want to invest in the security of your most expensive asset, a roof replacement will add value to your home or business. Not only do you get a lifetime warranty, but your roof will look better. In terms of curb appeal, old roofing mixed with new will be evident, and therefore less appealing. A fresh new roof will look better as well as protect longer.

Superior Quality Roof Replacement in Long Beach WA

In addition to a lifetime warranty, we also offer financing to our customers. We want you to get the roof replacement you need when you need it. Waiting on a roof repair or roof replacement is never a good idea. You could wind up with much more costly damage that ends up going much deeper.Residential Roof Replacement Long Beach WA

Our roofing professionals go above and beyond simply meeting roofing code requirements. We build you a roof that will last. Our installations are rated for winds up to 130 mph! Our high standard of quality and excellent service is the reason so many people give us high ratings on online review sites. As a locally-owned business, we truly care about our customers and are committed to delivering the very best product out there!

Get your annual roof inspection soon and let us discuss the best options for your roof care. We deliver the facts and let you decide! Call for commercial roofing as well as residential.

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