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Roof Repair in Long Beach, Washington needs to stand up to tough elements. That is why Dr. Roof Inc uses the best products from the top manufacturers during our roof repair services. But, we don’t stop there.

We also exceed industry standards. The high winds and heavy rains create an ongoing hazard for roofs. While the other guys work to meet industry standards, our roof repair contractors go a step beyond. Our work is designed to stand up to the intense coastal weather and last for decades.

A damaged roof can quickly become a costly house repair when water leaks into the structure and interior of your home. The best way to avoid this kind of costly damage is to have a regular roof inspection. We offer a free evaluation of your roof. Our skilled roofers know how to identify compromised roofing materials. Our thorough inspection will locate any areas that already have a problem or are getting worn out and will need replacement soon.

After we complete our inspection we offer you a detailed report of what we find. We care about educating and including our customers in the process. We never do work without your approval and we never pressure you into more roof repair than you need. All estimates are offered upfront and in writing. We offer both residential and commercial roof repair.

Generally, depending on the damage, there are two options for Roof Repair Long Beach WA: partial roof repair or a roof tear-off and replacement.

Partial Roof Repair in Long Beach WA

A partial roof repair is recommended when you have a small area of minor damage to your roof. If you have missing or cracked shingles and the damage is only to the surface of the roofing materials, then the situation is a good candidate for a partial roof repair. If the damage goes deeper but is isolated to a single, small section of the roof, it may also fall into this category.

Full-Service Roof Tear-Off and Replacement

A roof tear-off is recommended when you have multiple areas of your roof that are damaged or the damaged area covers a majority of the roof. In these cases, repairing all the individual areas may end up as costly as a full re-roofing. Also, the damage may go deep enough to require a thorough scraping of old roofing materials with entirely new layers added.

Re-roofing is more effective than repairing multiple sections and running the risk of weakened areas where the new and old materials overlap. When the damage is pervasive, it is more cost-effective to go with a new roof than continue repairing each section as it begins to deteriorate.

In either of these cases, our Roof Repair Long Beach WA specialists are happy to discuss the options, make suggestions, and leave the final decision to you. We can also discuss our financing options available to help. Check out our stellar reviews on Angie’s List, the BBB, and customer review sites. You will see that our dedication to quality work and excellent customer care puts us at the top for Roof Repair Long Beach WA.long beach wa roof repair services

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