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Getting a Roof Inspection can Protect Your Home

Roof Inspection in Long Beach by Dr Roof Inc

A roof inspection is common during the home-buying process. But that should be far from the last time you get one. A roof inspection performed by a licensed roofing contractor should be at the top of your list for annual home maintenance. It is important to catch small repairs before they turn into costly ones. For residential and commercial roof inspection in Long Beach WA, you can trust, contact Dr. Roof Inc.

Coastal properties need resilient roofs

The heavy wind, rain, and occasional hail that Long Beach homes and businesses deal with can cause roofing materials to weaken, leaving an entryway for further damage to take root.

Once the damage is bad enough, water and mold can begin to seep inside. When this happens, the damage can spread to a home’s building materials and even the personal items inside. Individuals and businesses can lose drywall, flooring, furniture, written records, and important business files, just to name a few.

The reconstruction to repair a building that has suffered water damage due to a leaking roof much outweighs the cost of an annual roof inspection. During an annual roof inspection, our experienced roofers look for things like cracked or missing shingles, places where mold and mildew have taken root, and even the state of your attic.

Some of what our roof inspection includes:

  • Inspection of the eaves
  • Interior of any chimney surfaces
  • Fasteners, support materials, and roof braces
  • The state of plywood sheathing on wood roofs
  • Any sign of blistering, often due to water vapor that has become trapped
  • Open gaps or spacing around flashing which indicates poor membrane adhesion to the metal flashing
  • Splitting, cracked, missing, or loose surface materials

  • Deteriorating or loose flashing
  • Loose fasteners 
  • Surface deterioration or brittleness
  • Problems with the settlement of the building’s structure upsetting the roof
  • Signs of chimney crumbling
  • Problems with the building’s gutters as they are part of the roof and can contribute to problems with the roof and structure
  • Signs of water inside the building, focusing on the attic

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Roof Inspection Long Beach Relies On

commercial roof inspection long beach wa

In addition to the weather and elements that a roof has to defend against, simple age is also an enemy. As roofing materials age over time, they begin to deteriorate and eventually need replacement.

Even the shifting of the building’s foundation creates a problem for the roof. Insurance companies are covering less storm damage to roofs in homes that are older than 15 years—especially if you have no written proof of the condition of your roof before the storm.

Keeping your roof in excellent condition helps your case for reimbursement, should your roof incur major damage due to a storm.

Call the company Long Beach has trusted since 1998 to keep your roof in above-standard condition. We guarantee our labor and offer the best products on any repairs you may need. You can also trust us for honest advice about the state of your roof. So give us a call or contact us today to schedule your roof inspection!