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Roof Estimate Long Beach
When you get a roof estimate, your roofing contractor should include everything—no surprises! Dr. Roof Inc offers our customers a comprehensive, reliable roof estimate that includes all aspects of roof concerns. We consider everything from the state of the gutters, to missing or damaged shingles, signs of water damage inside the attic, fastening around the chimney, and much more.

We offer an accurate, upfront, honest roof estimate in Long Beach that you can rely on. We never low-ball our quotes only to “find more damage than we expected” once the work has already begun. That is part of our customer-first commitment to you.

As a local fixture in the Long Beach community, we have been delivering quality roofing estimates and services since 1998. Our promise to you is to complete a thorough inspection before each roof estimate we offer. We have a detailed checklist to go over, searching for any signs of trouble so we can discuss them with you. Once this is done, we make well-informed suggestions on any repairs you may need.

Your Reliable Roof Estimate in Long Beach

roofing cost estimates long beach waOur roofing experts will never pressure you into services you don’t need. If your roof is in fine shape, we are happy to let you know so you can mark that off your annual to-do list. We will never make minor repairs into bigger deals than they are.

We also avoid running into larger problems once repair work has already begun. Some companies give you a low quote, and then “discover” the problems is much larger and more costly than the quote they originally offered. Since they have already begun the work, it is difficult to say no when your roof has already been stripped of necessary materials.

Instead, we diligently look for any and all problems. Everything is included in the roofing cost estimate so you are not hit with larger expenses than you expected.

We also offer financing options, so you can get the repairs or re-roofing you need when you need it—no need to put off necessary roof work while risking further damage down the road.

Our roofing contractor will discuss any options that apply to your roof and take the time to go over the pros and cons of each. At times a small repair is the best bet. Other times, a needed repair may be large enough to make a tear-off and re-roofing the more economical solution. We will never pressure you but will offer you all the information you need to make a decision.

Roof inspections should be done once a year as part of the regular upkeep of your home or business. Avoid unexpected water damage from a leaking roof. Call us today for a comprehensive inspection and roof estimate in Long Beach and we will replace your worry with peace of mind.

Call (360) 642-3841 for your straightforward roof estimate in Long Beach and the surrounding areas.

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