IB Roof Systems

IB Roof SystemsIB Roof Systems, has been providing high quality roofing systems since 1978. The combination of a fully 6/112019 integrated approach, residential membrane roofing design and construction using tried-and-true best building practices equates to a roof with better durability, better efficiencies, and lower maintenance costs.

IB Roof Features
Weathering Surface: 156% Thicker than industry standard for longer lasting roof, Solarwise™ finish maintains reflectivity and appearance, Superior UV stabilization formula resists harsh elements, Class-A fire rated to better protect buildings and contents

Reinforcement: Non-wicking reinforcement eliminates edge treatments

Variety: Membranes are offered in a variety of colors and thicknesses

Lifetime Material Warranty and 10 Year Workmanship Warranty on residential application.

IB Presidents Club
The Dr. Roof/IB Roof AdvantageDr. Roof’s performance achievements have qualified them to be a member of the IB Roof Systems “President’s Club”, of which there are only 71 other members nationwide over the 40 years of IB Roof Systems history. Dr. Roof’s dedication to ongoing training with IB Roof Systems is a testament to their desire to provide quality products backed by a company with roofs still in service since 1978 installed by craftsmen and not roofers.

Dr. Roof, Inc is a proud partner with IB Roof Systems.