Deck Waterproofing

Deck Waterproofing

Deck Waterproofing: Waterproof Deck Membranes By TufDek

Dr. Roof’s professional deck builders install single ply vinyl deck membranes by TufDek™. These systems are fully integrated and can provide thorough waterproofing for a variety of deck designs.

If you’re concerned about whether vinyl deck membranes follow local building codes, we can assure you that our waterproofing method complies with building codes in all of the cities we serve.


Properly sloped waterproof decking prevents pooling water, deck deterioration, and water-collection underneath raised decks and balconies.



How does the waterproof deck installation process work?

Our deck membranes are a vinyl top layer that is adhered to a substrate. In most cases, the substrate is a plywood surface.

Vinyl deck membrane installation involves looking at the slope, type of plywood, structure, and joist spacing of the existing deck before even getting started.

We begin by preparing the surface by fixing any damage, removing hollow spots, ensuring all fasteners are secure, and that all dust and debris are removed.


Testing, sanding, and filling

We then test moisture levels and sand the surface again until it’s smooth and well-prepared for installation. We even remove debris between joints and clean the substrate repeatedly as needed.

Once the surface is clear of debris, we use a TufDek patch compound and ensure all joints are filled in completely.


Directing water runoff

We then use metal flashings coated in PVC to create a drip edge that sits flush with the deck, allowing water to freely run off the deck.

This flashing is held in place by galvanized nails. Galvanized flashing is also installed at deck-to-wall intersects, ensuring no gap is left to collect water runoff. This also helps to support the deck membrane.


Customizing your waterproof deck

Finally, the waterproofing deck membrane is custom cut to fit the deck and rolled out, trimmed, and fit into place before it adheres to the substrate.

The manufacturer-supplied adhesive is then trowelled onto the surface. However, before applying the climate-sensitive adhesive, our deck specialists consider temperature and humidity levels so they can adjust timing and other methods accordingly.


Final touches on your new outdoor space

The membrane is then rolled onto the adhesive and air bubbles are pressed out. Using flat spreaders or heavy rollers to remove the bubbles, we ensure a totally smooth surface.

Dr. Roof considers details such as framing intersects, stairways, steps, door sills, and any other vertical surface where the membrane changes direction and needs to be glued and heat-welded into place.

Overlaps, seams, and areas touching metal flashing are also thermally welded into place to ensure complete waterproofing.


Why is Vinyl Deck Waterproofing Preferred?

Our waterproof decks are stronger under pressure than any other similar product. Our deck waterproofing system is perfect for swimming areas, ramps, balconies, exposed porches, semi-enclosed recreation rooms, and more.
TufDek systems rely on four layers of protective material, including:

  • A Bottom Layer of Pure PVC Film
  • A Second Layer of Non-Wicking Weft Reinforcement
  • A Third Layer of Texture for Aesthetic Appeal
  • A Final Layer of UV-Reisistant Polycarbonate


Acrylic Waterproof Deck Coatings By Gaco®

Dr. Roof also offers deck waterproofing with our GakoDeck® acrylic waterproofing kit. This is a water-borne deck system that is applied on top of plywood, stained decks, concrete, fiberglass, and metal decking materials.

Our process is designed to create a durable, waterproof membrane that still allows flexibility as the wood beneath expands and contracts.


These waterproof coatings are perfect for:

  • Boat Decks
  • Balconies
  • Ramps
  • Plywood Decks
  • Walkways
  • Rooftop Decks
  • Swimming Areas
  • Hot Tub Areas
  • ADA Accessible Routes


Easy Maintenance and Other Benefits of Waterproof Decking

Our deck and exterior remodeling specialists have everything you need to upgrade your outdoor area. No need to prep the area or do repairs before calling us; it’s all part of the package. We arrive with sanding tools, cleaning equipment, adhesives, and the right amount of material for your project.

We’ll discuss what you have in mind, take measurements, and determine which colors and textures you prefer.

Our deck waterproofing materials are ideal for a variety of setting and uses, especially here in the rainy Northwest.

Cedar decking is beautiful and traditional, but it wears down and becomes discolored quickly. Talk to us about how to protect your deck for the long run.

Our low-VOC waterproof coatings and deck membranes guarantee lasting durability, safety, versatility, and low-maintenance. Our products even carry a 50year limited material warranty.


Call today and get started on your new waterproof deck!