What Are Some Common Roof Types in Portland?

Roofing Types PortlandWhat are some roof types found in Portland?

It’s not just roofing contractor bias, it’s true that your roof is one of the most important parts of your property, both for functionality and aesthetics. It’s one of the first things that visitors see and shows off your particular style while also protecting everything within. Because roofs are important, there are virtually endless styles, from a standard A-frame to complicated pyramid roof with individual towers and much more.

Some types seem to be everywhere in some regions of the country and nonexistent in other parts. This is mostly because of climate differences; some are designed to combat rain effectively while others are to beat the heat.

In Portland, hot weather isn’t much of a factor, but roof protection from storms is. Because of this, certain roof types are more common than others in the area, and some are unlikely to be found.

What are some examples of roof styles?

Roofs come in a variety of styles but have the same basic function of protecting your home from intruders and the elements. But depending on where you live, those variables are different, which is a major reason there are so many different roof styles. Some of these include:

Gable Roof
This is your typical A-Frame roof. They often come with an attic and allow for plenty of ventilation throughout the house.
Hip Roof
These roofs are sloped on all sides. This provides extra protection against snow and wind and doesn’t hold standing water.
Shed Roof
On a shed roof, the entire roof is slanted in one direction. This helps to guide water to a particular section to control runoff.
Butterfly Roof
A butterfly roof is bowed in the middle to create a “butterfly” look. It has a unique appearance, but needs frequent maintenance.
Gambrel Roof
Gambrel roofs have multiple slants on them, often two pieces on each side. They’re common on barns but work for homes as well.
Flat Roof
Roofs are usually only flat for commercial or residential projects where standing on them is normal, as they allow for minimal runoff.
Wondering about other roof types? Check out this guide from the DIY Network for more extravagant styles!

What types of roof are normally seen around Portland? Destroyed Roof Portland

Portland periodically gets heavy winds and frequent rainfall. While rain happens frequently in the Pacific Northwest, the volume of rain is actually around the national average. Because of this, roof types that can handle constant rain work well and hurricane-proof roofs are unnecessary.

This makes flat roofs uncommon for residences, and other types more common. Luxury homes often take a combination of multiple roof types, combining different pitches and angles to create a unique look.

More modest homes in the PDX area will often use a Hip Roof or Gable Roof.  You’ll likely to see a lot of inexpensive roof types because of this, and typical Gambrel roofs are a lot more common than shapes like Domes here. These types can put up with the rain without trouble and won’t cost a fortune to do so!