Underrated Roofing Materials for Oregonians?

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Roofing Gresham ORYour roof is a vital part of your home that keeps out damage from the rain, sun, and more. It’s what helps to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It’s important to select your roofing materials based on where you live so that you get the best protection available. The type of roofing that is suitable for a home in New Mexico is not likely to be quite as suitable for a home in Oregon. When you’re stuck, you can always ask roofers in Gresham OR for their opinions. While you can choose whatever roofing your heart desires, two option you may over look are asphalt and metal roofs. 


Why is asphalt roofing a good choice for Oregonians? Much of Oregon sees a lot of rain during the year. There is a reason why this type of roofing is so common in many different kinds of climates. It holds up well against wind, snow, and heavy rain. It’s also fairly inexpensive, which is great for households on a budget. You’re less likely to find this type of roofing in the hot southwestern states where its lifespan is almost half of what it is in the Pacific Northwest. 


You’re probably thinking that a metal roof on a home is counterproductive to peace and quiet. While it’s true that a home with a metal roof is bound to be noisy when the rain inevitably falls, it’s a great choice for commercial buildings. Metal roofing in Gresham OR holds up well in all kinds of weather. These roofs can easily last 50-100 years or longer with the right kind of paint. 

Other Choices

There are other choices like slate that hold up well to the unpredictable Oregon weather. If you’re looking to save the most money, you’re better off going the asphalt or metal roof route, however. For any questions and information about repairing or replacing your roof to hold up to the rains of the Pacific Northwest call your local roofing company.



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