Tips For Cleaning Your Gutters

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GuttersCleaning your gutters can be an annoying and time consuming task that every homeowner has to deal with eventually. If you are unable to perform the task, hiring a professional to ensure your gutters are well maintained is essential, as gutters are important for draining and runoff purposes. However, if you do clean them yourself, there are several things you will want to keep in mind that can help you out. The following guide can help you through the process and even give you some tips you may not have considered before. For the best results when cleaning your gutters, use these tips and get to work.

Clean out the Gunk

Get a reliable and sturdy ladder and commence cleaning out all of the slimy gunk from your gutters. It makes great mulch, if you want to save it, but if not make sure it is disposed of in the correct way. Take special care to clear away any blockages from leaves and debris, as that could cause sagging gutters that could cause damage later on.

Inspect for Damages

Make sure all the gutter spikes are attached and working properly. These have a tendency to come out completely, so a good examination is necessary. If there are any problems, it is a good idea to purchase new gutter spikes to make sure your gutters are attached properly. Besides the spikes, you will want to look for any leaks or openings in the gutters themselves. Seal trouble areas with new caulking to prevent leaks from occurring over and over again.

Pressure Washing

Once you have examined the gutters for any problems, you can commence with the cleaning. Using a pressure washer is the best method, but take care not to hit the gutters at too high of an angle or you could do damage to the shingles on the roof. Most pressure washers work great with your normal garden hose, and you can rent them if you do not already own one. As long as the gutters have been secured properly with the spikes, you should not run into any problems while power washing them.

If you have any trouble with cleaning your gutters, a professional roofing contractor could help you out. They are well-trained in many different forms of maintenance, and can take care of any problems you have. However, if you want to do the project yourself, the above guide should get you through the process.



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