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How A Comprehensive Roof Inspection Can Help You

Posted on by Dr Roof Inc

What should I look for from a roof inspection company? An annual roof inspection is a good idea to check the condition of your roof. A faulty roof can cause catastrophic damage. It can leak and cause damage to valuable documents, photos, and electronics. Leaky roofs also let in water which creates a prime environment for […]

Commonly Overlooked Symptoms of a Bad Roof

Posted on by Dr Roof Inc

The roof is an easily overlooked part of your home as it is so out of site. However, there is no other part of your home or business that can cause more damage than a bad roof. Mold, damaged to drywall, furniture, cabinetry, and flooring—not to mention personal items—are just some of the ways a […]

New Roofing: Should I Repair or Replace?

Posted on by Dr Roof Inc

Choosing the right kind of roof repair is an important decision that can also be a confusing one. On the one hand, you can decide to repair the damaged area. On the other hand, you can do a roof tear off and replace all the roofing material—getting all the benefits that new roofing allows, such […]


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