Skylights: Enjoy Natural Lighting in Your Home

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Natural Light in the Home

Natural lighting has multiple benefits for homeowners. Not only can natural light increase a home’s value, but it also has physical and mental health benefits. Natural light helps the body’s absorption of vitamin D, an essential nutrient. Additionally, natural light has been found to help people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a form of depression that occurs in fall and winter. Adding a skylight is a surefire way to add natural light to the home. However, it’s recommended that only experienced roofing contractors install a new skylight to prevent leaks and other roof issues.

Benefits of Skylights

Skylights have multiple benefits for homeowners. Here are a few things to think about when considering a new skylight.

Natural Light

The most apparent benefit to skylights is the amount of natural light they bring into the home. Most rooms in the home can benefit from additional light. Natural light is one of the most inviting elements of a house’s interior. Many potential homebuyers state that natural light is one of the most important features they look for in a new home. Adding a skylight can have a good impact on the property’s value.


An adequately installed ventilated skylight can vastly improve a room’s airflow and ventilation. Pair with a reputable contractor to choose the best configuration for the new skylight if ventilation is an important feature.

Cost Savings

Energy-efficient skylights may save homeowners on heating, cooling, and lighting costs. Again, it’s recommended to pair with an experienced roofing contractor to decide which skylight will work best for the home.

Tips for Skylight InstallationRoofers Portland

It is recommended that homeowners pair up with a local roofer when installing a new skylight. Though a roofing contractor may have suggestions for a new skylight, it’s up to the homeowner to decide placement and type of skylight. Make sure to consider the following before making a decision.

Quality Matters

Do not skimp on quality when it comes to a new skylight. Make sure to pick a skylight that has an appropriate energy efficiency rating for the home and placement. Additionally, it’s essential to consider factors such as water tightness, sound reduction, and wind resistance. Some skylights come with UV coatings and shading, and others come with electronic ventilation capabilities.


Placing a new skylight can be challenging. Placement depends on the home’s rafters, and it’s critical to have a well-thought-out plan before installation. Bathrooms are a popular choice for ventilated skylights due to increased moisture. If placing a ventilated skylight in any room, make sure that the crank is within reach. If it’s not, consider installing an electronic skylight that will open automatically. Some skylights even come with a feature that will close the window at the first drop of rain.

Family rooms are also a good choice for skylights. Depending on what the room is used for, homeowners may want to have skylights with fully operational blinds to control the amount of light. Solar-powered skylights can open for natural cooling and does not use any electricity.

Converted attics are growing in popularity. Also called loft conversions, converted attics can add a whole room to a home without actually paying for an addition. Most converted attics need a skylight; the most popular skylight for these types of spaces is called a roof window. Roof windows are just manually operated skylights.

DIY Tips

If the homeowner is an experienced contractor or roofer, they may choose to install the skylight themself. While it’s certainly recommended to hire a roofer, here are a few things to keep in mind if installing a skylight without professional guidance.

Check the Weather

Bad weather can ruin a skylight installation. If too much moisture gets in during the process, the skylight is useless.

Fall Risks

Falling off a roof is a real risk during skylight installation and can result in severe injury or death. Never work on a roofing project alone.

Determine the Roof’s Slope

A roof’s pitch (or slope) is measured by how many inches the roof falls over twelve inches. For example, if a roof falls four inches over a length of one foot, the roof’s pitch is 4 and 12. Flashing kits for skylight installation often come specifically for particular angles. It’s essential to know the exact slope of the roof before installing a skylight.

Start Inside

Make sure to mark the outline of the skylight’s box from the inside of the home. Consider driving nails or screws into the corners to make the placement more visible from the roof.

Remove the Shingles

Remove the shingles from the roof before cutting the marked opening. This removal makes it much easier to cut through the roof at the proper places.

Waterproof the Flashing

In addition to the flashing that comes in the skylight kit, make sure to attach waterproof flashing. Waterproof flashing is a great choice, especially for homes in wet and cold climates. Waterproof flashing diverts water and ice away from the skylight’s opening.

Add Extra Drywall and Insulation

To cut down on condensation, make sure to apply drywall and insulation around the skylight’s opening. Not only will it look nice, but adding additional insulation can help save on heating and cooling costs.

Consider a Light Tube

If a homeowner wants natural light in a first-floor room that does not have roof access through the ceiling, he or she should consider placing a light tube into the home. Light tubes are reflective pipes that bounce daylight down into lower-level rooms.

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