Roof Repair: Don’t Wait!

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When it comes to roofing inspection and roofing maintenance, the worst thing you can do is put it off. Even at times of the year when the weather looks like it will be mild for a while. Here are some reasons why you should get your roof maintenance in Portland done right away.

Temperature Effects Roofing

Even in mild parts of the year, cracks and small areas where the beginnings stages of damage have set in can be effected by the difference in overnight temperature drops and the daytime highs. Roofing materials are designed to adjust with the expanding and contracting that happens in the heat and cold. However, damaged areas will become worse by even the smallest temperature shifting.

Remember that your roof gets much hotter than you might may think, even on a nice spring day. Getting the direct hit from the sun can warm it up by several more degrees than the outside air temperature. Contrast that with the overnight low and you can get a lot of shifting in roofing materials. The longer you wait to repair a damaged area, the further the damage can spread.

Of course you have the other natural elements that effect roofing as well. Wind, rain, and hail all take their toll on your roofing in Portland. If a damaged area is left for long, each of these elements will spread the size of the damage.

Extend the Life of Your Roof

Getting regular roof inspection and roof maintenance will extend the life of your roof. This will allow you to get more from your roof and, of course, more for your money. When repairs are found and taken care of quickly, before they are allowed to grow, it minimizes your roofing problems and your roofing costs.

Schedule a Roof Inspection Today

If you suspect you may have a troubled area in your roofing, or it has simply been a while since you have had a thorough roof inspection by a trusted roofing contractor, contact Dr. Roof, Inc. today. Don’t want to see if your roof will hold out through the next big Portland wind storm or the heavy rains. Take care of it now. You’ll be glad you did!



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