When to Repair or Replace Your Roof

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Repairing Roof Damage If you live in the Pacific Northwest you know the damage that the weather can do to a roof. Deciding what do do can feel overwhelming, but at Dr Roof in Portland, Oregon, we can tell you what you need for each roof repair project. Which roof issues can I fix on […]

How To Find a Reputable Roofer in Portland

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Tips to find proven quality roofing in Portland Roofing field crews are experts in diagnosing and solving roof deficiencies. Even if your roof is in adequate working order, a reliable contractor can arrange an inspection and maintenance plan so you’re ahead of the game when it matters. Rainy week ahead? Worried about that roof leak […]

3 Simple Ways to Make Your Gutters Perform Better

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Gutters in Portland Oregon

The Basics of Basic Gutter Systems In Pacific Northwest towns like Portland, Oregon, rain and moisture are as constant as the Columbia River. And all of that moisture means it’s especially important for residents to keep their homes properly weatherized. Portland’s rain gutters play a critical role in weatherization by increasing the lifespan of building […]

Winter Maintenance: Cleaning Your Gutters

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How Often Should Gutters be Cleaned? In Vancouver, Washington, gutters and downspouts need to be cleaned more often simply due to our region’s patterns of wind, rain, and general moisture. The combination not only contributes to tons of debris collecting in gutter systems but it also promotes excess algae and moss growth. Though beloved, iconic, and […]



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