Lake Oswego: Culture and Arts

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Lake Oswego Does Culture

Art and Culture in Lake Oswego
One of the things Dr Roof Inc so enjoys about Lake Oswego is its lively arts and culture scene. There is never a lack of ways to get involved or take in art of every kind in this city. If you want to know about roofing in Lake Oswego, click here. If you want to know how art and culture is thriving, read on.

Lake Oswego Public Library

Any local public library is always a great starting point for events going on around town. They offer everything from knitting classes, to language practice, to learning how to research genealogy. Librarians tend to be in the know, so come in and find out what’s going on this week in Lake Oswego!

Arts Council of Lake Oswego

The Arts Council is dedicated to ensuring art is an integral part of community life in this city. They sponsor tours around the city to see the many art installations all around town. They also host gatherings and events where the community can meet and support local artists. Schedule a walking tour and take in all Lake Oswego has to offer!

Lakewood Center for the Arts

Lakewood’s mission is to nurture and inspire love for theater and the arts. They sponsor classes as well as plays and community events. Always wanted to write a screenplay? Got an itch for acting? How about learning to sing? It’s all available, and much more, through this wonderful not for profit organization.

Festival of the Arts

Each year Lakewood Center for the Arts hosts a summer arts festival. This extravaganza is an all-in-one exploration of art. There is a visual art show, art in the park, interactive activities for adults as well as kids, live music, literary readings, hands-on demonstrations, food, and even a happy hour.

Lake Oswego Preservation Society

This non-profit group instills culture by preserving it. They work to save Oregon’s landmarks, buildings, and many cultural treasures from getting destroyed in the name of progress and new development.

You never have to go far to see the many art installations decorating Lake Oswego. It is clear that residents make art and culture a top priority.



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