Getting Ready for the Cold and Rain

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Gutter cleaning PortlandAs the morning air continues to get cooler it is clear autumn is creeping in and the rain won’t be far behind. Now is the time to get your home ready for the rainy season—before it kicks in. Calling a roofing contractor in Vancouver is one way to get the ball rolling. They will inspect for leaks, cracked shingles, and any damaged areas that can degrade with the rain. Here are a few other items to help winterize your home.

Cleaning and Fixing Gutters

Do a thorough walk around your home and look for areas where gutters are cracked or pulling away from the house. Have those gutter sections fixed or replaced. Clearing gutters of falling leaves is an ever-present endeavor during the fall. Nevertheless, it is an important part of keeping a home safe from water damage. Backed up water in clogged gutters can be cause water to pool in areas of the roof or drip down into puddles around a home’s foundation. Either is a threat to the home’s structure.

Cleaning Decks

Decks, especially wood decks, can get slick when they get wet. Make sure there are no moldy areas on pouches, decks, and outdoor stairs. Keep these areas free from fallen leaves. The leaves create moldy conditions which add the the slimy slickness on the wood. Tacking down some roofing material to the edge of stairs or adding a runway strip of rough roofing is a great way to keep from slipping on a wet deck in the rainy season.

Chimney Sweep

Scheduling time to get the chimney cleaned and safe for use is much easier to do in September and than it is in November. Don’t be tempted to start the first fire of the year without having had the chimney properly serviced. Call ahead and get it safe and ready for use when the chill sets in.

Insulate Pipes

Get those spigot insulators back on the outside faucets. Insulate any piping that is exposed to the elements. Start getting in the habit of disconnecting the garden hose after each use to ensure you do not leave it connected when that first frost comes around. Also remember to drain the hose of water if there is any chance the it may freeze overnight.

There is always more to do be done, but following these tips on getting the exterior of your home ready for the wet and cold to come is a great start. Get going now while there is still time to take on one project at a time.



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