Best Second-Hand Stores in Vancouver, Washington

In With the Old, Out with the New! The Top Second-Hand Shops in Vancouver, Washington

Second Hand Stores Vancouver WA
On the surface, Vancouver is a sprawling suburb with the same sterile parking lots, strip malls, and box stores that blandly characterize many other American towns. But true treasure seekers know better than to merely scan the surface. The good stuff is good because it’s harder to find. And Vancouver’s cool shopping spots are that much cooler because they’re unexpected.

But even though the most rewarding thrift stores in town don’t encompass a thousand square feet of retail space with a can’t-miss-us neon sign dominating its rooftop, they’re not totally hidden from view. Here are a few recommendations that make the cut because they balance unique, high-quality second-hand goods with accessibility, organization, and proximity to popular commercial areas.

Modao Resale – The first thing to know before rushing down to this trendy resale shop, is that they’re closed on Sundays and Mondays. The next thing to know is that the clothing they carry caters specifically to women looking for gently-used fashions. No endless digging through piles of ugly, unorganized threads required. Their racks are easy to browse, and each section is clearly marked. Everything they buy and sell has to have been produced in the last three years by higher-end designers like Anthropologie and Betsey Johnson. If you’re looking to score the perfect swimsuit, lingerie set, or bridal attire, head elsewhere, these items aren’t included in their collection. However, they do carry some impressive styles in:

  • Women’s Apparel
  • Handbags
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry
  • Accessories

The double benefit of second-hand shops like this one is that they also buy and trade. So, if you’re interested in putting those boots you mistakenly thought would look stunning on you up for adoption, Modao is a much more suitable place to send them than the questionable homes beyond the gateways of Craigslist or OfferUp. And the mother-daughter duo that runs the whole operation is super friendly and won’t make you feel cheated or guilty for ever owning a pair of “saggy sad girl shorts.”

Urban Eccentric – 2311 Main St, Vancouver, WA 98660 – Urban Eccentric is a treasure unto itself. Differing considerably from Modao, this downtown resale shop is a museum of gorgeous and fun vintage fashions that make you wonder why you haven’t been wearing more shift dresses and orange polyester. But they temper the bright colors and constricting fabrics with plenty of men’s and women’s contemporary styles, too. They’re open every day at 11 am so you never have to put your craving for tangible nostalgia on hold.

Get your thrift on. Urban Eccentric carries:

  • Men’s and Women’s Second-hand and Vintage Shoes
  • Vintage Jewelry and Accessories
  • Lightly-Used Second Hand Clothing
  • Sunglasses

When you’ve had enough of rummaging through hand-me-downs, Vancouver is also a jackpot for estate sales. It’s surprising how many homes are literal time capsules – full of rare antique and vintage furniture, tools, tapestries, cookware, and toys of all kinds. And with the internet as your guide, you don’t even have to drive up and down residential streets looking for cardboard signs!

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